Friday, October 29, 2004

Honeytrap Heroes: The Pussycat Dolls

In 1993, Robin Antin was a struggling dancer whose CV was made up of bit parts in the "Red Shoe Diaries" and in movies like “The Wizard of Speed and Time”. She decided to take matters into her own hands and got together five of her best friends, who were tour and music video dancers for Janet Jackson and Ricky Martin, to create a dance troupe. Together with her brother, actor Steve Antin (the alledged father of Jodie Foster’s baby), she came up with the idea of a burlesque revue that looked towards Bob Fosse’s Cabaret and old dancers like Cyd Charisse for inspiration. Steve started writing dialogue for the Emcee to banter at the audience with and Robin and her dancers started buying lingerie from thrift stores and glamming it up with sequins, bows and pom poms. Robin wanted a name that was “sexy, racy and…meow!” but also wholesome, because it was all about the tease, not stripping naked – and so “The Pussycat Dolls” were born.

Robin (far right)

The Pussycat Dolls part 2: Kitty Glitter

Scarlett Johansson dolls up

A couple of the dancers lived with actress Christina Applegate, so Robin invited her to join the troupe and the first glitter of celebrity was added. Christina suggested taking the show to The Viper Room, where owner Johnny Depp loved it so much, he hired them to perform as an opener for the bands every week. After seeing their first show, Carmen Electra went backstage afterwards and asked if she could join as well. But it wasn’t until after “Moulin Rouge” and the “Lady Marmalade” video came out, that young starlets like Gwen Stefani, Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton and Scarlett Johansson, started clamouring to lip-sych their way through “Santa Baby” and do a girl-on-girl tango. When Madonna asked to join in, she was alledgedly declined. The Dolls next big break was helped by the fact that Robin goes out with director McG, when they did their routine in his film “Charlie’s Angels II: Full Throttle”. Since then, Carmen has launched her own striptease workout video and Britney arranged for her brother to be arrested by actors posing as the FBI and brought in handcuffs to a Dolls revue where she sang him Happy Birthday, on stage, in her underwear. Next up, The Pussycat Dolls become a brand, with the launch of a make up, perfume, t-shirt and lingerie line and an album recorded with the help of Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics.

From left to right: Christina Aguilera, Carmen Electra, Brittany Murphy, Christina Applegate, Charlize Theron

Ebay item of the day: Al Goldstein t-shirt

After dismissing the names “Hump” and “Love”, Al Goldstein launched his porn magazine Screw in November 1968 by getting big-breasted girls to hawk the magazine on Wall Street in lunchtime, shouting “Get your Screw here”. Goldstein was first arrested after calling J. Edgar Hoover “a dress-wearing faggot”. He used to keep a striped prisoner’s outfit in his office which he wore the subsequent 18 times the police came to arrest him for his outspokenness. After three decades of “Screw”, he filed for bankrupcy in 2003, citing the advent of internet porn as his downfall. He now lives in a car near his old mansion, which used to contain an 11-foot hand with its middle finger extended in the garden.

FYI: Before his career as a pornographer, Al Goldstein used to work as an industrial spy for a automobile breaks system company called Bendix.

Screw covers (left-right): the first issue, a 1992 cover by artist Lennie Mace, a cartoon of Goldstein gunning down Rudolph Giuliani

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Child molester’s gonna get you! : The songs of Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson fact of the day
(or an excuse to put a beautiful, nudie picture up)

As a teenager in South California, Terry used to play bass and write songs for several punk bands including Doggie Style, Baby Fist and Middle Finger. The lyrics of his song Child Molester are:
“He gets his jollies by playing with their toys;
He likes little girls; he likes little boys;
He gets a hard-on, that's his biggest joy;
Child molester's gonna get you! Child molester's gonna get you!”

Honeytrap hero: Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno's girls have big anime eyes with fluttery lashes, beehive hair-dos and perky D cup breasts. They wield chainsaws, eat their mutant offspring and practise voodoo magic; whilst naked. Junko started drawing when she was a little girl. She would lock herself in her room to hide from her bullies and draw the ideal woman, pretty and strong. She changed her style of illustration when she watched Sailor Moon for the first time, but it wasn't until 1996 that she got her first break, when she was asked by Japanese techno label, Avex Trax, to design the front cover of their techno compilation "Pure Trance". They loved it so much that they asked her to do a story that they could serialise and give away with each edition of their compilation.

Junko Mizuno: part 2

Junko with two American fans on her 2002 West Coast signing tour

When Junko was introduced to her publishers, they thought that she could draw, but couldn't tell a story, so they asked her to base her work on fairy tales. She made her first fairy tale "Cinderalla" [sic] even darker than the original Brothers Grimm version. Cinderalla has to become a zombie to meet the Prince (an undead popstar on permanent IV support) and it is her eyeball that she leaves behind at the concert, not a glass slipper. In "Hansel and Gretel", Hansel's voice is so loud that it crumbles everything around him and he has to wear a tuna can strapped over his mouth to silence his voice. Gretel has pink hair, wears a sailor outfit and beats up bullies with her bamboo sword. They live in a town where a giant pig carves flesh off his stomach to feed the townfolk. In her latest book, Junko warps "The Little Mermaid" into "Princess Mermaid". Three mermaid sisters seduce human fishermen into their underwater pleasure palace, where they eat them. Her books have been translated into English by manga publisher Viz, who tout her work as being like"Powerpuff Girls on acid". Some of Junko's favourite things in the world are The Spice Girls, Russ Meyer, Rob Zombie and porn "with great clothing, make-up, hairstyle and a happy touch".

Terry's camera of choice

Terry Richardson fact of the day
(or an excuse to put a beautiful, nudie picture up)

The reason Terry points and shoots with a Yashica T4 snapshot camera, instead of more professional camera equipment, is because he has bad eyesight, and says he isn’t very good at focusing big cameras.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Honeytrap hero: Dita von Teese

"Basically, I'm the girl that your mother warned you about."

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Heather Sweet who had blonde hair and wanted to be a ballerina. As she grew older, she started collecting vintage clothes and studied historic costuming at college. On her 18th birthday, Heather bought herself a Victorian steel-boned corset at a fetish shop which could cinch her waist down from 24 to 16 and a half inches. At the same time, she saw an illustration of Bettie Page in a vintage porn magazine which she thought made all the modern fetish magazine surrounding it look tacky by comparison. It was this drawing that inspired her to try and become a pin up illustration brought to life. To begin with Heather stripped in bikini bars to fund her modelling. The bar required a stage name so she choose Dita, after a silent film star of the 20s called Dita Parlo. She looked through a phonebook for a surname she liked and chose Von Treese as her surname. It was only when she appeared in Playboy for the first time and they misprinted her name as Von Teese that her stage name was immortalised.

Dita: part 2

Modelling turned to Burlesque when Dita started collecting vintage mens magazines from the 30s and 40s and learnt about burlesque stars Sally Rand and Gypsy Rose Lee. She created as her trademark a striptease in a giant martini glass, where she bathes herself using a giant sponge, shaped like an olive. Her performances with L.A. burlesque revue The Pussycat Dolls and her Playboy cover were the catalysts to propel her into the mainstream. More notoriety came in the form of her relationship with Marilyn Manson. They share a five-storey house in the Hollywood Hills which is decorated with taxidermied animals and a seven foot human skeleton that they call Ernie. Here, she often bakes cookies for him in her stilettos and corset. Her next project is also culinary based. As well as touring her rhinestone-studded burlesque show round the world, she is also launching a vintage cookery book.

How Terry gets them naked

Terry Richardson fact of the day
(or an excuse to put a beautiful, nudie picture up)

When Terry was a teenager he used to take photos of all of his gang of friends kissing, screwing and smoking weed. When he broke into fashion photography, he found it difficult to persuade the female models to drop their inhibitions and their clothes. So he came up with the idea to never ask the model to do something he wouldn’t do. He says “since I’d always got worked up and would, like, pop a boner when I was shooting women, I thought that maybe they’d get more into it if I stripped and let them start shooting me.”

Balsa Boys and Reverse Cowgirls: A beginner's guide to porn set slang

The word pornography stems from the Greek word "pornea" which translates as "writing about harlots". Today, the hub of the porn industry is now based San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. It's a $10 billion dollar industry which employs around 12,000 people, in 200 production companies, which each turn out over a dozen films a week. Like every other tribe in society, it has its own newspaper Adult Video News, it has its own idols, like Jenna Jameson, and of course its own vocabulary. So if you ever find yourself on a porn set, flummoxed by what a "snowball" is, read this beginner's guide to porno set slang.

1) Airtight
The term used when a woman is simultaneously penetrated by three partners - one in the front, one in the back, and one in the mouth. Other names for this all-orifices-filled act are 'Triple Crown' or 'T.P' - triple play.

2) Balsa boy
A derogatory term for a male porn star who fails to get erections. When this happens on set, a 'stunt cock' usually gets called in for the close ups.

3) C-light
The 'C' stands for 'cock' or 'cunt'. It's an especially bright hand held light that the director will use to illuminate a close up.

Porn Set Slang: Part 2

4) Cocksucker red
The expression that female porn stars use to describe the brightest red lipstick that will look best on camera.

5) Daisy Chain
The daisy chain is like the 69 position with an infinite number of partners. (A) goes down on (B), who is going down on (C). This goes on in a never-ending circle of pleasure until the final person lips are linked back onto (A). There is also a female porn star called Daisy Chain who has starred in such lesbian sizzlers as "Pussyman's Decadent Divas 8".

6) FIP
This is an acronym for Fake Internal Pop - the orgasm faked by a man for soft-core movies. This is usually shot after the sex scene, where the man contorts his face and pretends that he is climaxing. Other sex industry terms for this facial expression are "cummy face", "scrunch face", chipmunk face" and "weasel face".

Porn Set Slang: Part 3

7) Fluffer
The girl hired to suck the male porn star back to arousal in between takes. Fluffers were most commonly used in the days when porn was filmed on 8mm and the camera had to be constantly rolling, to make editing easier. The male porn star would jump in the scene hard to speed the process up. They were popular in the Seventies, but nowadays though there's normally not enough money to hire a fluffer on a one day shoot. They are more common in 'gangbang' movie where the cast is in the hundreds and there are many that are not "trained wood".

8) Giggler
A girl on girl scene.

9) Girly thing
When female porn stars douche before their scene they would say " I've got to go do my girly thing". This is also sometimes applied to any form of female preparation, such as waxing, make up and enemas.

Porn Set Slang: Part 4

10)M&G track
Like lip-synching in reverse, the "Moan and Groan" track is when the porn stars attempt to record the audio to the scene after it has been filmed. This often allows for comedy inconsistencies when the track is dubbed over.

11) Porn star time
Stemming from the cliche that the female porn starlet is always running a couple of hours late, the director might say "She's running on porn star time."

12) Showing pink
When a woman spreads her legs for the camera, also known as a "Gyno Shot".

Monday, October 18, 2004

Porn Set Slang: Part 5

13) Snowball
When a man ejaculates into the mouth of a woman and she then dribbles it onto the tongue of another woman and they pass it back and forth. As performed by Justine Jones and a succubus in "The Devil in Miss Jones".

14) Suitcase pimp
This is when a man hooks up with a female sex worker as her boyfriend or husband, then parasitically lives off her earnings. They take over the task of carrying the performer's suitcase and are usually on their mobiles trying to pimp her out to porn producers for the most amount of money. If you use this term on a porn set, you are likely to get hit.

15) Western
Any scene in which the female is on top is known in the industry as a "Western". When the woman is on top and facing forwards it is known as a "Cowgirl", if she's facing backwards, a "Reverse Cowgirl". If she starts out in cowgirl and ends up in reverse without removing the cock, this is known as a "Sit and Spin"

Son of a Bitch : Terry’s relationship with his Dad

Terry Richardson fact of the day
(or an excuse to put a beautiful, nudie photo up)

Bob Richardson was a famous fashion photographer in the Sixties. He left his wife Annie, a fashion stylist and son Terry, then aged three, for Anjelica Houston. Bob was 43, Anjelica was 17. Terry ran into his father again was he was 18 and found him homeless on the streets of LA. When he showed him his portfolio of photos, Bob was so negative about his work that he didn’t pick up a camera again for seven years. Terry is currently writing the script about his relationship with his father, called “Son of a Bitch”. When asked who he wants to play him, Terry said “Billy Crudup, because he's cute and he's got a mustache.”

click for picture of Terry and his Dad

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Deep Throat 1: Linda Lovelace is born

Linda Boreman wanted to be a nun when she grew up, and was nicknamed Miss Holy Holy at school because she wouldn't put out. But that all changed in the summer of '69 when, after a car accident, she went to her parents' condo in Fort Lauderdale to recuperate. While sunbathing by the local swimming pool she met a bar owner called Chuck Traynor who offered her a joint and a ride in his Jaguar. A few weeks later she moved in with him and he persuaded her to become a prostitute. They moved to New York, and Linda started performing in 10 minute porn loops. One was called Doggarama, in which she starred opposite a beige mongrel called Norman.
Then in 1972, porn director Gerard Damiano cast her in a short called The Doctor makes a Housecall. He was awestruck by her ability to take a cock so deep down her throat "that she bumped the balls." His response was to rewrite the entire film around this act, casting her as a woman with a clitoris at the back of her throat. He called the film Deep Throat. And renamed her Linda Lovelace - because all the major sex symbols of the 50s and 60s had alliterative names like Marilyn Monroe and Brigette Bardot.

FYI: an anagram of Linda Lovelace is clean vile load

Deep Throat 2: Lights, camera, suction!

Linda was offered the role by Damiano after reciting "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in a screentest. However she nearly didn't get the job because Gerard Damiano's partner, gangter Louis "Butchie" Peraino, wanted a big breasted blonde for the part. Chuck Traynor didn't want to lose Linda's $1200 fee, so he talked the 300 pound Butchie into supporting Linda, by getting her to suck him off.
The majority of the film was shot at the motel the crew was booked into in Miami, because the location scout couldn't find a location in time. One of the crew, the grip, was called Herbert Streicher. When the male lead didn't show up, Damiano paid Streicher an extra $100 to take over and Herbert Streicher became the famous porn star Harry Reems. The plot revolves around Linda going to see a doctor because she can't orgasm, who discovers her clitoris is in her throat. Linda is then hired to make housecalls as a sexual psychotherapist. Highlights of the film include one of her patients using her as a glass and drinking Coke out of a glass dildo in her pussy, and the frequent inconsistencies where she rubs her clitoris during intercourse - even though it's supposed to be located in her throat.
Damiano spent three months editing the film, which was unheard of in the porn industry at the time. He sent his cameraman around New York recording the sound of church bells ringing. Damiano himself went down to the National Archives in Washington and told them he was making an industrial film to obtain footage of the Saturn V taking off. When Linda comes for the first time, the director splices in shots of rocket going off, fireworks exploding and bells chiming.

Deep Throat 3 : Linda untangles her tingle

The film opened at the New Mature World Theatre in June 72 with the tagline "How far does a girl have to go to untangle her tingle?" The film wasn't doing very good business when it first opened, it was only when anti-porn protesters and the government stepped in to ban it that the queues started to snake round the block. Even though the Mafia had nothing to do with the film, Families all over the country capitalised on its success by sending their boys out to the theatres and demanded a 50% take of the receipts for the film. If the cinema owners refused, their cinema was burnt down. The CIA estimated that the Mafia made hundreds of million dollars from this strategy.
It was the first time that a porn film ever crossed over to a mainstream audience and everyone from Jackie Onassis to Frank Sinatra flocked to see it. Bob Woodward reporter on The Washington Post went to see it on the first run and ended up naming his Watergate informant after the film. The film turned Linda into a celebrity. She moved into Hugh Hefner's mansion for a while, introduced Elton John before one of his concerts and Sammy Davis Jr, got so turned on when he saw the film he tracked down Linda Lovelace and he and his wife had a four-way with Linda and Chuck Traynor.

Deep Throat 4: Epilogue

Eight years after the film came out, Linda Lovelace released an autobiography, called Ordeal, in which she claimed that Chuck Traynor hypnotised her and forced her to perform in all her porn films by putting a gun to her head. Linda ended her career in user-support for a Denver investment company, while working nights cleaning office buildings. Following a liver transplant and two masectomies, she died in 2002 after crashing her car into a concrete post. Thirty-two years after a car accident led her into the porn industry, It was a car accident that finally released her from it.

Linda's co-star Harry Reems starred in over 100 skin flicks including The Devil in Miss Jones, and failed in his attempts to break into mainstream Hollywood. He was last seen selling real estate in Utah.

Having started his career as a barber. legendary porn director Gerard Damiano is now a golf caddy.

Linda's pimp husband Chuck Traynor lives on a ranch in Nevada. He is now blind.

FYI: Screw was an influential porn magazine that contributed to Deep Throat's intial success by writing a glowing review of it. Upon hearing of her death, Al Goldstein, its Editor, had this to say:
"Good riddance to trash. She was a good cocksucker. She was a piece of shit. Her book Ordeal was a lying piece of shit. She was a hooker, a scumbag, a lying trollop. I'm glad Traynor taught her to suck cock. I dropped several ejaculations down her throat. I want to do a final load, so when she goes to hell my sperm will go with her."