Friday, October 29, 2004

Ebay item of the day: Al Goldstein t-shirt

After dismissing the names “Hump” and “Love”, Al Goldstein launched his porn magazine Screw in November 1968 by getting big-breasted girls to hawk the magazine on Wall Street in lunchtime, shouting “Get your Screw here”. Goldstein was first arrested after calling J. Edgar Hoover “a dress-wearing faggot”. He used to keep a striped prisoner’s outfit in his office which he wore the subsequent 18 times the police came to arrest him for his outspokenness. After three decades of “Screw”, he filed for bankrupcy in 2003, citing the advent of internet porn as his downfall. He now lives in a car near his old mansion, which used to contain an 11-foot hand with its middle finger extended in the garden.

FYI: Before his career as a pornographer, Al Goldstein used to work as an industrial spy for a automobile breaks system company called Bendix.

Screw covers (left-right): the first issue, a 1992 cover by artist Lennie Mace, a cartoon of Goldstein gunning down Rudolph Giuliani


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