Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Honeytrap hero: Dita von Teese

"Basically, I'm the girl that your mother warned you about."

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Heather Sweet who had blonde hair and wanted to be a ballerina. As she grew older, she started collecting vintage clothes and studied historic costuming at college. On her 18th birthday, Heather bought herself a Victorian steel-boned corset at a fetish shop which could cinch her waist down from 24 to 16 and a half inches. At the same time, she saw an illustration of Bettie Page in a vintage porn magazine which she thought made all the modern fetish magazine surrounding it look tacky by comparison. It was this drawing that inspired her to try and become a pin up illustration brought to life. To begin with Heather stripped in bikini bars to fund her modelling. The bar required a stage name so she choose Dita, after a silent film star of the 20s called Dita Parlo. She looked through a phonebook for a surname she liked and chose Von Treese as her surname. It was only when she appeared in Playboy for the first time and they misprinted her name as Von Teese that her stage name was immortalised.


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