Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Junko Mizuno: part 2

Junko with two American fans on her 2002 West Coast signing tour

When Junko was introduced to her publishers, they thought that she could draw, but couldn't tell a story, so they asked her to base her work on fairy tales. She made her first fairy tale "Cinderalla" [sic] even darker than the original Brothers Grimm version. Cinderalla has to become a zombie to meet the Prince (an undead popstar on permanent IV support) and it is her eyeball that she leaves behind at the concert, not a glass slipper. In "Hansel and Gretel", Hansel's voice is so loud that it crumbles everything around him and he has to wear a tuna can strapped over his mouth to silence his voice. Gretel has pink hair, wears a sailor outfit and beats up bullies with her bamboo sword. They live in a town where a giant pig carves flesh off his stomach to feed the townfolk. In her latest book, Junko warps "The Little Mermaid" into "Princess Mermaid". Three mermaid sisters seduce human fishermen into their underwater pleasure palace, where they eat them. Her books have been translated into English by manga publisher Viz, who tout her work as being like"Powerpuff Girls on acid". Some of Junko's favourite things in the world are The Spice Girls, Russ Meyer, Rob Zombie and porn "with great clothing, make-up, hairstyle and a happy touch".


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