Monday, October 18, 2004

Son of a Bitch : Terry’s relationship with his Dad

Terry Richardson fact of the day
(or an excuse to put a beautiful, nudie photo up)

Bob Richardson was a famous fashion photographer in the Sixties. He left his wife Annie, a fashion stylist and son Terry, then aged three, for Anjelica Houston. Bob was 43, Anjelica was 17. Terry ran into his father again was he was 18 and found him homeless on the streets of LA. When he showed him his portfolio of photos, Bob was so negative about his work that he didn’t pick up a camera again for seven years. Terry is currently writing the script about his relationship with his father, called “Son of a Bitch”. When asked who he wants to play him, Terry said “Billy Crudup, because he's cute and he's got a mustache.”

click for picture of Terry and his Dad


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