Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Big Bunny: the Playboy jet

One of Hugh Hefner’s most playboy pieces of advice is “if you buy a private plane, you should have a bed installed.” Except he didn’t have one bed installed in his private plane, he had 12. In the Seventies when Hugh had a mansion in both Chicago and Los Angeles, he used to fly between the two in his nine million dollar, 119-foot long McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 jet. It was called “The Big Bunny” and painted black with a white Playboy bunny logo on the tail. It came equipped with a bar, a lounge, a disco, a sunken Roman bath, a crystal dinner set for 36 guests and Hugh’s own personal king-size round waterbed, complete with seatbelts, so he didn’t have to get up when the plane landed. The four air hostesses were called “Jet Bunnies” and they were the cream of the crop from the Playboy Bunnies. Instead of bunny ears, the girls donned black leather mini-dresses and a white aviator, Playboy-logoed scarf. Not only did the plane zig-zag Hugh to all his Playboy resorts around the world, it also took Elvis on tour around America and flew aid out to Vietnam. After Hugh settled in LA in 1976, the glamorous marketing tool for a Playboy lifestyle was sold to Aero Mexico, and is now used to deliver mail around South America.


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