Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Ebay of the day: Playboy 40th anniversary guitar

Marilyn never actually posed for her Playboy centrefold, the photo had already been around for four and a half years, when Hugh Hefner bought it for $500 from the manufacturer of a pin-up calender. The reason the photo even exists, is because of Marilyn’s car. She was 22 and a struggling actress when she met the photographer, Tom Kelley Sr. She ran out of fuel on Sunset Boulevard and he gave her his card and lent her five dollars to get home. Six months later, she reclined on red velvet for him because she needed the $50 fee to get her car out of the pound. After Kelley sold the photo for the calender, Marilyn’s fame began to rise. After “The Asphalt Jungle”, someone spotted the resemblance between the anonymous “Miss Golden Dreams” and Marilyn, and tried to blackmail her. Marilyn thwarted the scheme, by announcing it to the press herself. When a reporter asked her what she had on during the shoot, Marilyn responded “It’s not true that I had nothing on! I had the radio on.”


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