Friday, November 19, 2004

Fish 'n' Grits: they like big butts and they cannot lie

When launching their hip hop meets porn magazine Fish ‘n’ Grits, co-founders Camille Burgos and Joe "Fatal" decided the editorial stategy should be “in your face.” So for the first issue the coverline emblazoned across Method Man and naked porn actress Solveig reads: “Don’t front. Them sweaty panties got you open.” Camille Burgos was a marketing manager for artists like Mary J. Blige. It was her job to sell sex, yet all the big porn magazines like Playboy and Hustler ignored coloured women. So Burgos and Fatal decided the cover would always feature the most famous black and latino adult starlets, posing with the biggest rappers, like Snoop Dogg (who has two porno movies out through Hustler) and Mystikal (who just got six years in prison for forcing his hairstylist to perform sexual acts on him.) Inside the naked girls ask the boys Q&As about their fetishes and sexual experiences. Other regulars include rappers taking readers on a sex tour around their home towns hot spots, "Rimming Up" is about rappers and their cars and the last page of the magazine is always "Backshot" - a close up of a female porn star’s booty. Next up comes F’n’G mucky videos, a clothing line and a porn magazine for ladies.


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