Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Honey's hero: Russ Meyer

"Your old man's been blasted out of his wheels, and your king-size brother's been twisted like a pretzel. You're all that's left, lover, and you won't be around for long.”

Ernest Hemingway paid for Russ Meyer to loose his virginity. Meyer was 19 years old and a combat newreel cameraman and Hemingway was his commanding officer. Hemingway took his unit to a brothel in Paris, where Meyer says he choose the one with the biggest breasts. After the war, Meyer was an industrial filmmaker for a while, his motivation to get into cheesecake photography stemmed from wanting “to get into the shorts of women who were very well endowed in their superstructure”. He went on to shoot six centrefolds for Playboy and when he started his career in pornography, or “tittie-boo” as he liked to call it, it was from strip clubs and Playmates that he recruited his actresses.

FYI: Meyer found Turana Satana, his half-Cherokee and half-Japanese starlet in Faster Pussycat at a strip joint. She is now a dental hygienist.


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