Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Maximum Offence: Maxim's 2005 Calendar

Miss February: Mother Theresa (left) and Miss November:
Princess Diana (right)

Free with this month's Maxim is the "Greatest Women Ever" calendar. At first glance, it's 12 oily chicks with silicon-sculpted breasts. At second glance you see that the nudie ladies are depicting historical figures and that Mother Theresa's modesty is being protected by a begging bowl. My favourite though, is the Princess Diana standing in front of a strategically placed minefield sweeper. Editor Greg Gutfeld says it's a better tribute to Her Ex-Royal Highness than that abysmal fountain.

FYI: Before he was editor of Maxim, Greg was fired from his last job as Editor of Stuff in the US, for sending a gaggle of drunken dwarves to disrupt a magazine conference.


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