Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Misty part 2

It was the lead actress Constance Money, probably the most beautiful woman to ever star in porn, that stamped the film with cult status. But the director, Henry Paris and his leading lady didn’t have a very harmonious relationship. He christened her with her porn name Constance Money because she was constantly asking him for money, but she never ended up getting paid for the film. She said about Paris, “The man is sick. Anyone who squirts somebody in the face with K-Y Jelly and cottage cheese for ten hours a day has got to be doing it for more than just film.” Constance retired after eight more porn flicks, reverted to her real name Susan Jensen, and moved to Alaska to open a restaurant. The legend of Misty Beethoven, has recently been resurrected by the porn industry though, with a DVD musical, starring Randy Spears, Sunset Thomas and a prosthetic penis that sings “the penis is the ruler of the world!”

Things to look out for
- the incredibly kinky menage a trois where Misty uses a strap-on on porn publisher Lawrence Lehman


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