Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Star book review: part 2

Eric Shaw Quinn, Pamela’s ghostwriter, does not want to stay invisible

But for someone who’s had as much sex as Pammie’s had, you’d expect the sex scenes to be a bit more saucy. If Jackie Collins can manage sex scenes with amyl nitrate in them, then Pammie should be able to do better than “the strange feel of his erection in her hand, flesh like velour wrapped around a bird bone” and "not the most imaginative lover, but like a favorite dildo, he was always ready to go". What make the bad writing even worse is the fact that Pamela didn’t write the book herself, she wrote it with the help of a ghostwriter, Eric Shaw Quinn. They met at her house every Friday for seven months. So, working out the maths, Pamela “wrote” her first, 294 page novel, in 28 days. She sums up her book as, "you can either read it on the beach or the toilet. It's not like it's a difficult read." But with a ghostwriter, it should be a better one. Pammie and Eric are working on the sequel, “Star Struck”, out the middle of 2005. Expect a sex tape, involving a suspiciously Tommy Lee-like character to turn up.


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