Friday, November 05, 2004

Three of Terry’s tattoos and the stories behind them

Terry Richardson fact of the day
(or an excuse to put a beautiful nudie picture up)

-Terry’s says he is proud of his manhood, so proud that not only do you see it in every state of arousal in his photographs, he also has his pet-name for his cock “T-bone”, tattooed just above his belly button.

- The letters SSA inked over his heart stand for Signal Street Alcoholics, the teenage gang that he set up when he lived on Signal Street in Hollywood.

- The other tattoo on Terry’s upper torso is a picture of him as a child crying. One day when Terry was nine, his Mum was picking him up from the psychologist when a lorry rear-ended her. It left her in a coma for a month and afterwards disabled and having to wear diapers.

click for (terrifying) pictures of Terry's tattoos


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