Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Twirly Girly: tassel spinning for beginners

Miss Indigo Blue (left) and her Bad Kitty pasties (right)

On November 16th at the International Workshop Festival here in London, Miss Indigo Blue will teach you the art of applying and twirling your nipple tassles in order to become a “helicopter girl”. Miss Indigo Blue, otherwise known as Amelia Ross-Gilson, is a member of BurlyQ Queer Cabaret, alongside fellow twirlers, Eva Sabotage and The Naughty Librarian. Indigo’s signature act is stripping out of her Wonderwoman costume to demonstate how acrobatic her breasts are. Twirling can be taught over close-fitting clothes for the coy girls and nipple pasties from Miss Indigo Blue’s company “Twirlygirl.net” will also be on sale. Check out The Bad Kitties pasties. And remember, the trick is not to look down.


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