Thursday, December 09, 2004

Premature articulation

Karaoke translates in Japanese as “dead orchestra”. Pornaoke translates as contestants adding the moan and groan track to a silent clip of vintage porn. The porn karaoke craze started in Philadelphia, then Berliners got very excited about it, now Club Ego in Edinburgh has just opened up the first UK pornaoke night, with the tagline “We provide the scenes, You provide the screams.” On arrival, you are handed a menu of 30 second clips from European hardcore flicks to choose from, including Scene 3: Position Reverse Cowgirl and Scene 7: Position Ménage à Trois le Homme. The compere, Perrier award-winning stand up, Garth Cruickshanks, asks you to chose your porn name (Randy Rimshot and Labia Minora are his favourites so far), then all you have to do is come for the crowd, while a wah-wah guitarist accompanies you. Spoilports Scottish Women Against Pornography have called the night “sexist and tawdry beyond belief”, so the club has been forced to place cartoon beavers and cockerels over the offending parts.
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