Friday, January 07, 2005

3) The Erotic Review

Celebrating three decades of porn mags for women
Rowan Pelling, the "Editrice" of Erotic Review who quit after the magazine was taken over by the publisher of Penthouse last year, never thought of the magazine as pornography. Porn is something designed to give you an orgasm, and she seriously doubted that any "frenzied frottage" was going on over her features. Instead the magazine billed itself as the world's most intelligent sex magazine, covering subjects from burlesque dancers, to the erotic joys of travelling on Eurostar, to erotica featuring a talking vulva. The ER started life as a couple of pages of A4 stapled together into a newsletter for customers of The Erotic Print Society. One of the main reasons it escalated into a magazine, was down to its ability to entice writers like Barry Humphries and DBC Pierre to write for them. Pelling described the 25% female readership as wistful young women who yearned for life to be like a Forties film, the kind who preferred their man illustrated aroused, than photographed on the soft. The kind who when the magazine compliled a list of the sexiest men alive, included Gordon Brown and the Dalai Lama in their top 25. It is a refreshing change to have highbrow sex, but it could be too much. For example, a review of a Fever swingers party started as follows: "Bedizened in diamante, entombed in velvet, we set off proudly marching towards nowhere. If only. We are going to a party. Open house? Open bed. Well darlings what can I say?". Sometimes it’s better to call a spade a spade.


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