Tuesday, January 04, 2005

5) Sweet Action

Celebrating 30 years of porn mags for women

When jewellery designer Robin Adams tried to find some good quality straight porn for a hen night, she says all she could find was steroid-enhanced beefcake care of Playgirl. Sensing a gap in the market, she got together with stylist friends Micole Taggart and Hope D and they set up a porn mag that worships cock. Fluid drenched studs are banned, the Editors only pick straight guys they fancy. Scruffy, tattooed Jake Gyllenghal types, erect and with all their body hair intact are shot in their own apartments, sometimes with the digital date still in the bottom corner of the photo. Another thing the ladies banned was porn poetry because they were "fed up with porn wrapped in a pretty bow of erotica." If you've never heard of the underground grafitti artists/band members they interview, it doesn't matter because the design is gorgeous and there's also cartoons, penis playing cards and a brilliant field report on the lost art of the handjob, where the reporter gets tips and photographed whilst stroking three guys off. Sweet Action isn't pushing an agenda of erotic empowerment for women, in their first Editors letter, they wrote they weren't even sure whether women are ready and willing to buy porn. They just want to have fun and make a porn magazine that they want to read themselves. Looks like they're not the only ones. The best letter they've been sent so far reads "Although I am eighty years old, I am not in my second childhood. If your magazine is as advertised, I've been waiting for such a one for many a year."


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