Friday, January 21, 2005

Come Stains

Suddenly everyone's making stained glass porn

Juan Martin del Campo makes stained glass windows with everything from naked men standing next to unicorns, to mano-a-mano blow jobs. He also makes mini-stained glass handcuffs for your every pornographic Christmas tree need. He was inspired to make the "sacred and the sacrilege to shine through each shard of glass" after seeing the stained-glass cover art for Thurston Moore's 'Psychic Hearts' album. And what does he wear while making his stained glass smut? Bunny ears and cravats. But he's not the first artist to merge the Catholic church's favourite form of art with porn. Wim Delvoye beat him to it with his 2002 'Sex-Rays' stained glass window, where he mosaic-ed together pictures of his friends' barium-coated sexual encounters, featuring intertwined tongues and blowjobs. Though how he managed to convince his male friends to lay their balls on an X-ray machine is quite beyond me.

Top: Wim Delvoye 'Sex-Rays'. Left-right, Juan Martin del Campo's: 'Love Boat', choice of attire, '3 Wishes'


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