Thursday, January 20, 2005

"I spit, my llamas swallow"

Honey's Heroes: Tera Patrick 2
Tera's porn career started with a nice fat cheque from Penthouse and Playboy, glamour modelling soon spiralled into some foot fetish and bondage tapes where she appeared under the name of Brooke Thomas. Some of her more famous blue movies under the name of Tera Patrick include Nice Rack 4 (they were, up until recently unblemished by silicon) and Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick, an interactive movie where you jerk off whilst Tera stares you directly in the eye, encouraging you to orgasm (Yeah, fuck my face baby!") One of her most recent films, the excellently-titled Reign of Tera, also stars her husband Spyder Jones (real name Evan Seinfeld), frontman for rock band Biohazard, who also starred as Jazz Hoyt in the prison TV series Oz. Tera is a good wife, she has a enormous tattoo on her ankle which says "Evan's Princess" and although she doesn't let him have sex with the other girls in their porno scenes, "I'll let the other girls give him a blowjob. Why not give him something extra? He's so good to me." Other things you might not have known about the beautiful Mrs Patrick is that she also knits, makes candles, likes watching porn films starring her with the sound turned down and won't do hard-core scenes with women. Oh, and she also once invested in a llama-breeding farm. Tera on llamas: "they spit, I swallow!"


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