Monday, January 03, 2005

"I think I have a dick in my brain, I don't need one between my legs"

Madonna Sex Book 2

After a last minute name change from The Rock to Sex, the book was released in October 1992. It was bound into an aluminium jacket and came with a photostory comic book about an S&M party and a CD single remix of her latest single Erotica, packaged to look like a giant condom. It cost $50 and sold 1.5 million copies around the world, making Madonna an estimated $20 million. But the press ripped Madonna to shreds, especially for a photo of Madonna dressed as a schoolgirl being raped by two skinheads. She defended herself by saying that this was just a fantasy with three willing parties and with the revelation that she had been raped during her first year and understood the devestating reality. You have to admire a celebrity for being so candid about sex for once. But although some of the pictures are incredible hot, you can see why the critics panned the text in the book. Lots of it comes across as comical rather than arousing, particularly when she starts calling sex "aardvarking."

FYI: To recreate the Dita look, head to the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood, where all the S/M accessories in Sex were purchased.


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