Thursday, January 20, 2005

Painting the town pink

Honey's Hero: Fafi

When she was 17, Fabianne Sancry choose the pen-name Fafi and started tagging the streets of her hometown of Tolouse to impress the boys. Her first creations were sexy but grotesque Martian girls. She finally got the boys' attention after she changed tact and started drawing cute, curvy lolita-girls with hearts painted on their cheeks, pleasuring themselves on skateboards. She says her two biggest problems when she was starting out were cops, and kids coming up and asking her "why I was drawing a girl sucking dicks." Although being busted for painting public property carries a two month jail sentence in France, the cops never used to suspect her when she was out painting the town because she was a cute girl dolled up in an Adidas tracksuit and stiletto heels. When she did get arrested, she got a get out of jail free card when she agreed to paint one of her porny murals on the walls of the station. Fafi's designs are now all around the world, from tags on walls in Thailand, to toys inside vending machines in Tokyo, to the side of French Diet Coke cans. Fafi describes her girls as the type who go out and "rape and sequester the boys." And if you too, want to look like one of her strumpets, she's also designed a range of clothes based on what she'd think her "Fafi-nette" girls would like to wear. Check them out at


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