Thursday, January 20, 2005

Vivid meets Vargas

Spot the difference between Vivid pornstar Savanna Samson (left), and Vargas' original Sheer Elegance painting (right)

Vivid are very inventive when it comes to marketing their stable of porn starlets. They've put them on snowboards, they're publishing a series of erotic novels based on their personal lives and Vivid movies, and last year they even unveiled a billboard on Sunset Boulevard with all their current Vivid girls proclaiming "Look We Can Even Erect a Billboard." Vivid's latest marketing ploy to introduce the girls to a new audience, (who say, might find the current porn climate a bit tacky), is to turn them into Vargas girls. As David Schlesinger, Vivid's vice president for licensing, stresses: "The images are romantic and sensual and are targeted to mainstream audiences and art collectors. They are not X-rated in any way." Fashion photographers Richard Dean and Len Prince, have recreated poses originally pencilled by Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren. So far, Savannah Samson has been turned into a mermaid and in a nod to George Petty, Tera Patrick curls on on her bed, while on the telephone. You can buy prints online here, if you have the spare $7500. And if you're wondering where Sunrise and Jenna are they're going to be a shot in a series of Film Noir poses in the near future.


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